Adventure Mart


Become the wealthiest and most powerful Adventure Mart Manager in your small corner of the Multiverse! Collect strange and mysterious Stock to sell to a diverse cast of eager Adventurers. But watch out! You’re not the only store in town!

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In Adventure Mart, players take on the role of Store Managers in a Modern Fantasy World! It’s a deck building game where each player aims to create the wealthiest store over the course of five game rounds. You won’t start out with much, just the same personal deck of basic stock cards, and a small handful of gold. But the opportunity is there every turn to add more strange and exotic Stock to your decks, and weed out less desirable cards. You’ll need to make Gold from selling to the local Adventurers Guilds, and some other eager faces, all with Gold burning in their pockets. But there are only so many customers to go around, you’ll have to make a better offer than each of your opponents to succeed!

To get a greater edge against the competition, you’ll need to invest in Staff and Fixtures that can grant your store bonuses every turn, or give you just the thing to disrupt another manager’s plans! At the end of the in-game week, each player’s store is liquidated to determine who is the greatest Manager! Adventure Mart is a fantastic interactive deckbuilding experience for both new and seasoned gamers. Gameplay is fast and furious, yet approachable for anyone to give it a try. Combined with a fresh art style and a unique setting, Adventure Mart is sure to give you a memorable experience.


  • 1 Rulebook
  • 185 Cards
  • 60 Coin Tokens
  • 12 Bonus Tokens
  • 1 Initiative Token

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